It’s so easy to start a blog nowadays.   There are several platforms where you can get up and running with a blog in a matter of a day. However, the where the major problem lies is selecting the right platform to start your website/blog on.   Selecting the wrong blog platform will cause you double work because after a while, you’ll find yourself needing to move and all of your content to a better solution. This is ESPECIALLY true if you want to run a profitable blog (not a hobby blog).


Whenever people approach me for help with growing their brands online, I often cringe when I see that they are using sites like Blogspot or Wix for their sites. My suggestion for operating your brand’s website it the combination of BlueHost (domain hosting) + WordPress (content management). Don’t be fooled by other blog platforms, WordPress is still the blog industry standard. Most importantly, it has a multitude of free plugin tools that you can use to grow your blog, SEO, and email list. Many of the other blog platforms don’t have this capability.


When it comes to domain hosting, Bluehost IS the way to go! I’ve tried other domain hosting services in the past like Go Daddy and Host Gator in the past and I must honestly say that Blue Host is my favorite of them all. Not only is their integration with WordPress super simple to set up, their customer service is awesome. Having quality domain hosting tech support & customer service makes all the difference in a business owner’s day when they are facing tech outages etc.


Now that I’ve explained my love for Bluehost, let’s get into this tutorial that I’ve created for you to get started with your new blog within 15 minutes or less!


The first step is to decide what you would like the name of your site’s web address to be.   The name is important because it should clearly represent your brand. Head over to Bluehost and selecting domain hosting so that you can select the level of hosting package you want. Domain hosting basically means the company who will run the daily maintenance and internal file structure of your site.


You’ll get a free domain name with Bluehost as long as you select a package level of at least 12 months. When you select a year-long package this allows you to save money, if you really want to take advantage of saving money then you should select one of the multi-year packages.





Once you select the hosting package that you want, you’ll see if the domain name that you are considering is still available. If someone else has already reserved it, you’ll need to think of a different one that is still available. If you already have one, you can enter it and transfer the hosting to Bluehost.


Next, you’ll input your payment information.

Once your account payment has processed, you’ll select a password for your Bluehost account.



One of the best features of using Bluehost for domain hosting is it’s super simple integration with WordPress. Bluehost will guide you through starting your WordPress configuration, by selecting the Build WordPress feature.

You’ll start by selecting a free theme. I suggest not investing to much time in this step because you just want to get through the initial site setup. Once you do, you can always change the design theme. I prefer using one of the easy feminine themes available at BluChic once your WordPress install is complete.

For now, select one of the free WordPress themes, select “Start Building” and you’ll receive the message that the selection is complete.



You’ll then need to select whether your site is a business or personal blog.




Whoot Whoot! You’ve just built your brand new blog site! You’ll need to tell WordPress the name of your site and tagline description, but you’ve already handled the heavy lifting of the core setup.


You can add individual blog posts by selecting the “Blog Post” option.


Now that you’ve handled the tech, let’s discuss a few things that need to be in place in order for your blog to be profitable. For starters, you’ll want to make sure that you are growing your email list so that you can continue to communicate to your website visitors even after they leave. Growing an email list is going to be one of the first steps in building your sales funnel. I use Infusionsoft as my email list and CRM (Customer Service Relationship) provider. I LOVE it because not only does it send my emails, but it allows me to spy on my email list with behavioral based tagging, and it acts as my merchant payment processor. It’s a one-stop shop and you can get started with plans for as little as $75 – $99 per month which isn’t bad considering that if you go with another email provider, you’ll likely need to pay two separate bills one for the email service and one for a merchant payment system. However, if you find that Infusionsoft is beyond your current budget, I find Get Response to be a wonderful and affordable option for email distribution. Get Response is also very user-friendly.


The next foundation of profitable blogging is making sure that you have something to sell or an “offer”. Just because you have a blog, it doesn’t mean money will drop from the sky. You’ll need to determine what you would like to sell on your site. Will you sell physical products, coaching, online courses, or affiliate sales? Select a method that you are excited about and feels congruent with the values of your brand. If you would like more help on branding your blog, I have a free mini-course “Launch Your Breakout Brand” that provides more details on how to create programs and products that you can generate income with.

Here’s To Your Successful Blog!



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