Question. Are you a course junkie? I talk to numerous women on a daily basis and many of them struggle because they’ve purchased a course and didn’t feel like their lives were enriched as a result. The problem isn’t always the quality of the course, sometimes the problem is YOU.


Here are 3 Reasons Why Online Courses Don’t Work:


1) The Course Isn’t That Great. – This is the most obvious reason. You need to use discernment when investing your money. When you are selecting potential courses, consider the following:

  • Does the instructor already have the results that the course is promising? If they don’t have the results, then you may need to think twice about investing your money.
  • How does the course maker “Show Up” online? What is the experience that you get from their social media, videos, and website? Do you feel that the experience it is in alignment with what they are selling and your unique style?
  • Review the testimonials and social proof that the course maker has. Testimonials speak volumes.

All courses are not created equal and it’s really easy to create a one. For the most part, there are a lot of great course makers out here. You just need to do your due diligence and decide if this purchase feels right to you and if the person delivering the course truly walks their path.


2) You Are Not Doing the Work.

Let’s say the course has 10 modules, and you made it through 7 or through 6 and now you are going around blaming the course when you haven’t done everything specified! How can you get the results if you have not done all of the steps? If you have invested in a course and spent your good, hard-earned money, why would you not take all of the steps?  You have got to do the work.

It’s not good enough for you to buy a course, do only a few activities and think you will magically achieve your ultimate goal. I have also been guilty of not finishing an online course in the past, so I’m not judging you. However, don’t complain about the course if you have not completed the course or if you have not done every single step that the person outlined.

Most courses are cheaper than working with someone directly. If you are trying to operate within a budget, you may think that buying a course is the best option. However, you are not being a good steward of your money, time or resources if you purchase a course and don’t perform every single step.

“Education without implementation is entertainment. “ ~unknown

If you are a course junkie who slacks on the action-taking component of success, I’m going to ask you to stop playing with yourself!

You are GROWN. Therefore, you need to be a good steward of your time; it’s your most valuable asset. If you are not serious about truly mastering your talents, then you are not being a good steward of your time. Lack of commitment and half-assing your development results in you robbing precious time from your family – from your kids, from your spouse, from your mate, from your man, or whateva! Boss Lady, I know you catch my drift


3) You Need Direct Accountability – There is validity in studying and working on your own. Sometimes we relish the ability to learn in solitude. However, there is power in gaining direct feedback about how YOU implement. Sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes to help elevate your vision. There is immense value in having someone who has partnered with you to give you strategy, that can watch how you’re implementing, and provide you with objective feedback.

If you find that you are easily paralyzed by fear and by the worries of imperfection, then I suggest that you work with someone who can help you to get out of your own way. Mindset work is best cultivated with help from and outside party.  This is why I am a huge advocate of coaching.  I’ve been able to experience quantum leaps when working with coaches and within masterminds.  As a result, I’ve personally been able to help my own clients increase the amount of revenue and exposure they generate within their businesses.  They would have achieved these results at a much slower pace had they continued traveling down their routes alone.

When you think you’re saving money with buying a course, but you are at a certain point in your journey that requires accountability, you’re actually wasting money. This leads many people trapped in a vicious and continual course buying cycle, never to experience tangible results or fulfillment.

Instead of wasting money on course after course, you could instead, CHOOSE to work directly with someone who can help you experience true transformational results.  Sometimes you have to put real skin in the game and pursue what you really NEED at the moment. This will allow you to skip the frustrations of investing into things that you feel like are not effective.


Figure out what you need at this time/moment/space:

  • Would you benefit from some quiet time to gather your thoughts and study on your own?
  • Are you in a current space where need someone to guide you, support you and give you the accountability you need?

I’m actually an advocate of online courses, as long as you are honest about what level of help you need in your current moment. As a result of working with so many women, I know exactly where most women typically get stuck. I’ve created the Market Magic program for visionary women who want to take their business to the next level. In this program, I blend group strategy, accountability, tribe partnership, and direct 1:1 private coaching together so that the Market Magic Tribe members can optimize their results. If you are a female entrepreneur who is tired of carrying the heavy weight of growing her business alone and no longer wants to struggle with gaining clients, media, and speaking opportunities Market Magic is the mastermind program for you. Learn more here.


P.S. – This is the only time that this mastermind will be available to the public (non-clients) so if you are interested you need to secure your space now before the doors close.

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