DIY First Day School Signs

This year was a HUGE milestone year for my family and me. Not only did I turn 40, but ALL three of our kids are now officially considered school-age children. With all three being at different milestone grades, nonetheless!


Our daughter is now a kindergartener and attending “big kid” school. Middle kid, Jordan is a 5th grader, and our big guy, Jay is a high school freshman. Man where does time go? I wanted to be sure to capture these precious milestones on camera with some festive back to school signs.


One problem – I arrived at Michael’s to find that all of the pre-made Back to School template signs were already sold out.

Here’s What I Bought Instead:

  • 2 blank chalkboard frames (about $5.00 each)
  • 2 packs of colored chalk (about $1.00 each)


Supplies I Already Had:

  • 1 Director’s Action Board
  • 1 Pack of white chalk


I realized that using blank chalkboard frames would be a great idea because not only I can repurpose the signs to write cute messages and hang on the kid’s walls, but I’ll also be able to use them again next school year and just change the grade message should I choose to. You can get away with using only one chalk color, but I opted for more colors because I love to make things POP.


Lights, Camera, Freshman Action!

As an online content creator, I understand the importance of using different props in pictures and videos. I had purchased a director’s scene board on Amazon a few months’ back for business videos.  I figured that it would be the perfect message board for my young freshman lad.

DIY Reusable Back to School Signs


Note: I purchased most of my materials from Michael’s but everything that you need is available on Amazon.

End Result:

Kids holding back to school signs

My pictures turned out GREAT!

The entire project was a ton of fun and d super simple to do. Now let me tell the part that wasn’t simple…MY EMOTIONS! Something about watching all of my kiddos walk out the door with their backpacks marching into the next phases of their young lives left me feeling verklempt. Luckily, I got over it and have now embraced the beauty of aging. Thanks to this reusable school sign method, next year I’ll be doing it all again!


Word to the Wise: Don’t wait until Back to School season starts to buy your boards because if you wait too late they will sell out. Get a jump on you school craftiness by purchasing everything off-season.

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