Thanksgiving is one my favorite holidays. Regardless of Thanksgiving’s shaky origin, I choose to focus on the gratitude and relationship component of it. Oh and let’s not forget my mama’s greens, smoked meats, and gooey mac & cheese! One. Word. YUMMM.  Let’s be honest, regardless to if you celebrate it or not, you can’t have Thanksgiving without Thanksgetting (I’m talking Black Friday here).

Each & every year thousands of people line up and even camp out for Black Friday deals – buying flat screens, mixers, crockpots and you name it (I’m a reformed shopaholic so trust me, I’m not judging). However, if you are a female entrepreneur who is serious about growing her business there is a better way to Black Friday. As an entrepreneur, Black Friday spending would better serve you by spending moneyon things that will actually grow and enhance your business versus wasting them on simple material things that will fade away.


The great thing about Black Friday from an entrepreneurial standpoint is that you gain an easier opportunity to gain access to all sorts of equipment, tools, and skills that you’ve been interested in for a while, but for whatever reason, you weren’t ready to invest in. I purchased a ton of new courses and software last Black Friday and they definitely helped to shift my business.

Here are Some of my Favorite Resources that Have Black Friday Specials

Stop Dragging Your Feet & Get A New Website.  If you are in business then you definitely need to have an online presence.  Without a great online presence, you are absolutely leaving money on the table.  I’m not talking about getting a free website either. You should own the domain name of your choice and pay for your own web hosting.  Don’t risk your business using a free hosting solution (please tell me you aren’t using a Weebly or site).

Blue Host is my web hosting solution of choice.  They have one of the simplest WordPress installations in the market and the quality of their customer service is impeccable.  Blue Host is running dynamite sale all weekend into Cyber Monday, with rates as low as $3.97 per month for hosting.  Seriously, you can’t beat that price with a bat.

Ladies, Grow Your Email List

LeadPages is my favorite tool for list building and they are running a Black Friday Special with Amazon Fire. Listen, I don’t know how anyone could think they are going to create a sustainable income online without intentionally growing their email list. I’ve noticed that many of the ladies who contact me want to reach large revenue goals of $250K or more, yet they aren’t even growing an email list for sales prospects. For most people, this won’t happen. Even if you are doing well in your business already (which I hope you are) think about how much better you could be doing if you were actually capturing sales leads and prospective customers who you could continue the conversation with. Facebook could penalize you or blow away tomorrow, but guess why it wouldn’t matter? Because you’ve been a smart cookie and have grown your own email list, that’s why.   Maintaining your email list gives you the power to  contact your audience regardless of any algorithms and rules imposed by third party social media sites.

Once of the things I love most about Leadpages is that you can make wonderful landing pages that look like webpages within a matter of a few hours, sometimes minutes. Check out my vision board conference page for a fab example of a totally jazzed out LeadPage.

Equip your Toolbox with Some Bad Ass Widgets

One of my favorite sites is AppSumo.  They give you high value content in regards to growing your email list (critical for online business), but the guys at AppSumo run the BEST specials and discounts on list building and social media engagement software utilities from app providers all over the web.  Not only does AppSumo provide their audience with the best discounts, but they give away so much FREE stuff. Last year, I purchased some $495 video cartoon promo software from them for $40. Can we say SWEET!?!  If you are not on App Sumo’s mailing list, go sign up so that you can benefit from their year round goodies.

Screen Flow – Create more video courses & screen capture tutorials with this amazing industry standard software. ScreenFlow is normally $99, but it will be around $69 on Black Friday.

Get a New Microphone – This will help you to not only podcast, BUT having a quality microphone gives you the ability to produce premium audio content that you can begin selling. Amazon is having a pretty awesome sale on the Blue Yeti, which is a great starter mic.

Sharpen the Iron by Learning a New Skill

Black Friday is the perfect shopping event to strengthen your Achilles Heel.  Whether you want to sharpen your graphic design skills, want to learn how to create sales copy, learn about using effective Facebook ads, or even how to create your own podcast. You can gain much of the knowledge that you need in order to break through your next level in business at a fraction of the normal cost.  Many online instructors (me included) are running 50% off specials on their courses.

Invest in a Coach to Help you Bust Through Your Blocks

It’s difficult to see the picture when you are in the frame. Most people are just one shift away from their breakthrough, the main problem is – you don’t know what you don’t know. So how does one close the gap of not knowing and move into a state of awareness and proper execution? Work with a coach. A great coach will help you to gain the confidence, clarity, and strategy that you need to you into your next level. Some of my best clients have been able to create shifts in as little as 3 days of us working together. While my Signature Brand Authority Strategy program is NOT on special for Black Friday, I do have a few programs that are on special.

This has been my roundup of ROCKSTAR resources that entrepreneurs should take advantage of during the Black Friday shopping weekend.  I hope that you’ve found value in this article.  Instead of wasting your money on retail and disposable goods, consider investing into your business, which in turn creates greater personal economic power. If you’ve received nothing else from this blog post, I hope that you have at least considered how you can effectively play your role as a producer, rather than solely playing the role of consumer…because… being a producer and creating revenue online is exactly how smart women entrepreneurs #WIN.

Enjoy your mac & cheese 🙂 Blessing unto you!

**Disclaimer – Some of the suggestions in this blog post contain affiliate links which I’ll receive a commission from upon your purchase at no extra cost to you, however, I only make suggestions of reputable resources which have products that I use or believe in** 

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