My household is full of movie buffs. There are few outings that my kids and husband enjoy more than catching a movie, especially at lovely movie venues such as the Peninsula Movie Bistro in Hampton, VA.  With awesome features, such as bowling, dinner and cocktails served right at your seats (which happen to recline, btw) who in their right mind would want to pass up movies at the Bistro? Not this Chic!  

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good movie, but I tend to be more prudent in my selections. My husband and kids on the other hand, are more open-minded about catching things on the big screen. Admittedly, when we arrived to the movies and my husband selected Smallfoot, my instant reaction was

Man, Oh Man! I certainly underestimated this movie!


Background – Smallfoot is about a community of yetis AKA Bigfoots who live in their comfortable social constructs of routines and norms based on established belief systems. However, when Migo (played by Channing Tatum), one of the friendly village Yetis stumbles across a human AKA smallfoot named Percy (James Corden). Migo’s discovery threatens to challenge the core systems of Yeti life that have been passed down throughout generations. Will Migo uphold the established traditions of his heritage or will he embrace life’s new experiences? With the help of an all-star cast, catchy tunes, and a conscious rap sprinkled here & there, this movie is jam-packed with sociopolitical messages. There are too many messages for me to “unpack” in this post, but I’ll share a few that really stood out to me.


3 Great Lessons From Smallfoot



Fear Holds Us Back – There are so many things that the village elders have discouraged the younger Yetis from doing based on old traditions and superstitions (many of which Migo later to find false). Sometimes we get stuck into doing things a certain way because either we are comfortable with operating that way or simply because “It’s always been done this way.” What if we decided to be brave like Migo and explore beyond our current area codes, befriend new people, or gain new knowledge? How much more powerful would we all be if we operated on the other side of fear?


Me & My Youngest Son Enjoying Our Movie Time at Peninsula Movie Bistro

Diversity – The Yetis have their preconceived assumptions that all smallfoots are evil. Likewise, the humans are deathly afraid of the yetis. However, all it took was for a few interactions between Migo, Percy, and Meechee in order to break this myth down. I couldn’t help but think of the current racial climate of America while watching this movie. I hope that children take away how important it is for all races and cultures to be accepting of each other.


Standing up for what is right – Migo was persuaded by the Stonekeeper to hide the truth. In the end, Migo and his friends had to decide whether or not they were going to go against the grain and stand up for what’s right. I love that this movie promoted anti-bullying and how important it is to stand up for other people when they are not able to stand up for themselves.


All in all, I was extremely pleased with Smallfoot. Being able to watch a diverse animated flick with heavy-hitters like Lebron James, Zendaya, Common, and Yara Shahidi made me proud. Oh and the underlying theme of “wokeness” was icing on the cake! It’s a great movie to catch in the theaters and to add to your home collection once it’s released on DVD, or a streaming service like Amazon Prime and Netflix.  Hopefully, your next movie outing will be somewhere as fabulous as the Penisula Movie Bistro.

The Peninsula Movie Bistro’s bowling alley is definitely worth a visit after the movie!
I love movie night in the PTC!

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