Every sustainable business has a group of key advisers that guide, correct and support the mission of the organization and is fully engaged in its successes and failures. The Board of Directors or Board, as it is commonly referred is comprised of diverse minds, established expertise and are intentionally working together to accomplish the goals set forth to support the mission and vision of the organization it belongs to. The Board allows for checks, balances and accountability.

Now that we know what a Board is, who’s on yours? Who keeps you in line, understands your mission and matches your passion? Who pushes you forward, keeps you steady during turbulent times and is the first to support you in words, actions and deeds? Who are the diverse and dynamic members of your board that supports your journey and provides you with a platform for which you can shine brightest?

Who’s on your board?

If you are reading this and are having a hard time answering these questions, let us lend a hand to help.

To ensure your board is diverse and powerful consider selecting a member from each of these classifications:

  • Family member that is not a parent.
    • They know YOU and can support your growth with a familiarity like no other board member.
  • A Childhood friend (consider the years of birth – 18)
    • They know the uninhibited, creative you and can help you tap into the free-spirit part of you, that you may feel you’ve outgrown.
  • A School friend (consider the years of 19 – 25)
    • They know the YOU that has been tested and tempted; they can help you tap into the resilient part of you that helps you reach new levels in business.
  • A Co-Worker/Career associate
    • They know the pressed and polished you; they keep you sharp.
  • Shared interest but no affiliation
    • They bring a vast networking pool that helps strengthen and build your brands reach.
  • Shared experience but no affiliation
    • They understand where your passion comes from and matches that passion with support.
  • An elder/Senior
    • They offer wisdom and a mindset needed in a fast-paced society. They also offer feedback from a specific market and is a great way to vet ideas, products and procedures.
  • A teenager related but not your offspring.
    • They keep you relatable and on the cutting edge of your industry; they also prepare you for the workforce you will eventually will hire.

The above list would provide an elective set of voices at the table of your life to aid you in presenting your best self, with a well-defined support system. These individuals will add harmony and discourse to your discussions but only to make your point sharper and unwavering. The decisions made after consulting seek to propel your business life further because a group of committed, supportive and intentionally engaged stakeholders have vetted and tested your ability to produce.

So, I ask you, who’s on your board of directors?


Author Erika N. Wilson

Wilson is a serial entrepreneur, writer, Violinist/Instructor and non-profit superhero. She enjoys building a life with her hubs and pup-daughter, building her brands, loving on her loved ones, and connecting people to people, places, thoughts and things.

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